Thursday, February 5, 2009

Clinton Missouri Hotels and Motels

There are a number of choices when it comes to Clinton Missouri hotels and motels. Whether it is a cheap outside access motel, or a nicer indoor access hotel with pools and meeting facilities, Clinton MO has something for everyone. Whether you like the consistency of a chain hotel or you like to take your chances on the small mom and pop motel operations, we have them all.

We will start with smaller Clinton motels in town. First off there is the Safari Inn and the USA Inn. They are both located at the intersection of 13 Hwy and 7 Hwy. These are the lower end of the Clinton motels. They are both single story outside access motels that have been around for a number of years. They both have limited amenities and have not been renovated for quite some time. They are however the cheapest Clinton Missouri motels.

Another out side access motel in Clinton Missouri is the Best Western Motel. It is located on 13&7 Hwy across from the Boss CafĂ© and Just down the road from the Country Kitchen. The nice thing about the Best Western is that it is within walking distance of many of the Clinton Missouri restaurants. McDonalds, Wendy’s, Subway, and many more are close by without having to cross the highway.

Next, down the road from the Safari and USA Inn we have the Sportsman Lodge. This hotel has changed hands many times over the past few years and has undergone some renovations. The rates are reasonable for the area and it is an indoor access hotel. This Clinton MO hotel offers Meeting rooms and has a lounge on the premises. It use to contain a pool; however, the new owners have removed the pool at this time and use the huge atrium for events such as business meetings and wedding parties.

The final hotels in Clinton MO are the Parkfield Inn and the Hamton Inn. These chain hotels are relatively new to Clinton and offer some nice amenities. They are located next door to each other on 13 hwy across from the Clinton Walmart. They are both also within walking distance of a few Clinton MO restaurants. Applebee’s and El Camino are an easy walk from both locations. Also, most of the major fast food chains are close, but you may want to drive to avoid having to cross the highway. Both Clinton hotels offer indoor room access and indoor pools. They also both offer free continental breakfasts.

In addition to the Clinton Missouri hotels and motels mentioned, they are a host of other Truman lake cabins and motels available just outside of town. So tune in and get your Truman Lake fishing report, and find a Clinton Missouri hotel and enjoy yourself. Here is a great link if you need some fun things to do on a long road trip while traveling.